Work Whenever, Wherever – Check Out 5 Reasons to Pursue Telehealth

Now a days, doctors and nurses are preferring a telehealth career over working at a clinic or hospital.  Doctors and nurses enjoy the convenience of working whenever, wherever while saving on gas and car maintenance. 

*The IHS reported that by the end of 2018, over 7 million patients will use telemedicine services. 

If your still unsure of pursuing a career in telehealth, the following are 5 reasons why you should pursue telehealth that can help you in making a decision. 


Flexible Schedule

Telehealth allows you to maintain a work/life balance, and you can work whenever, wherever.  You can work full-time or part-time.

Ability to Grow Your Practice

You can expand your practice by adding patients over phone or video.  You’ll be able to consult patients throughout the U. S.  You’re not limited to a particular state.

Less Exposure to Potentially Harmful Viruses

In the flu season, for example, you can consult and diagnose a patients over phone or video, without being at risk for contamination.  As a result, you’ll be able to help more patients.


Better Patient Outcomes

When patients have questions or concerns about their medications or treatment plan, they can get the help they need a lot faster than having to make an appointment, drive to the clinic or emergency room, and wait to see a doctor. Patients can take control of their health more efficiently, and reduce clinic or hospital visits.

Help Those in Need

Telehealth allows you to help those, who don’t have access to healthcare.  A study that was done not long ago, showed that in rural areas, there are < 400 doctors/100,000 patients.   With telehealth, you can diagnose patients in these areas, and help them improve their health.

Have you decided to pursue a career in Telehealth?  Check out Telehealth positions.


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